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Carl is very proud to have had his pedals played by some wonderful musicians over the years. Our pedals have been put through their paces on the colossal stages of world tours, and under the closest scrutiny in the most renowned recording studios.
The artists who play Carl Martin pedals come from every spectrum of musical genres, featuring some of the greatest legends of session playing, the hottest country pickers, shredding virtuosos, multi-million selling songwriters, and more.

Here are some of the artists Carl has worked with, relationships he is honoured to be a part of.

PlexiTone,- Compressor-Limiter,- Quattro,- Single Channel PlexiTone,- HeadRoom

HeadRoom,- Tuner,- 2Wah,- Chorus XII,- EchoTone,- PlexiTone,- HDB MK3,- Single Channel PlexiTone

Compressor-Limiter,- Octa-Switch,- DeLayla XL,- Andy Timmons Signature Compressor

TremO’vibe,- Contour’n Boost,- Compressor-Limiter,- 2Wah,- HeadRoom

Blue Ranger,- 2Wah,- Two Faze,- Rock Drive

Two Faze,- Bass Chorus,- ProPower,- Route Box,- Match Box,- PlexiTone,- Two Faze,- Classic Chorus,- AC-Tone,- EchoTone,- Classic Flange,- ProPower V2,- Paraloop,- Route Box.

Hot Drive’n Boost MKII,- Chorus XII,- Hot Drive’n Boost MK3

Compressor-Limiter,- HeadRoom,- DeLayla XL,- Chorus XII,- AC-Tone,- PlexiTone,- Hot Drive’n Boost MK3,- Single Channel PlexiTone,- Single Channel AC-Tone,- Two Faze,- Hydra Boost,- 3 Band Parametric Pre-Amp,- Buff de Luxe

Compressor-Limiter,- Contour’n Boost,- Purple Moon

Compressor-Limiter,- Chorus XII

Classic Optical Envelope

Compressor-Limiter,- DC-Drive,- EchoTone,- TremO’vibe,- Single Channel PlexiTone


Bassdrive,- The Fuzz,- EchoTone,- Classic Optical Envelope,- Two Faze,- Match Box,- Classic Optical Compressor

TremO’vibe,- Compressor-Limiter,- Rock Bug,- PlexiTone,- Chorus XII,- 3 Band Parametric Pre-Amp,-Purple Moon

Compressor-Limiter,- Contour’n Boost

Combinator 2.- DC-Drive,- EchoTone,- Two Faze

Classic Optical Envelope,- Contour’n Boost,- Compressor-Limiter,- The Fuzz,- 2Wah,- TremO’vibe,- Andy Timmons Signature Compressor

The Fuzz,- Surf Trem,- EchoTone


DeLayLa,- The Fuzz,- Single Channel PlexiTone,- Single Channel AC-Tone,- HeadRoom,- Crunch Drive,- Hot Drive’n Boost,- 3 Band Parametric Pre-Amp,- Compressor Limiter

Classic Optical Envelope,- HeadRoom,- EchoTone,- TremO’vibe

EchoTone,- Two Faze,- BassDrive.- BassChorus,- Classic Optical Envelope,- Classic Flange,- OctaSwitch MK2


3 Band Parametric Pre-A,p,- Classic Flange,- Bass Chorus,- Buff de Luxe,- Match Box

Compressor-Limiter,- Tuner

Blue Ranger,- TOD

Compressor-Limiter,- Bass Drive,- Classic Flange,- 2Wah


Compressor-Limiter,- Quattro,- Single PlexiTone,- Two Faze,- AC-Tone,- TOD,- Chorus XII

EchoTone,- Compressor/Limiter,- HeadRoom,- Surf Trem,- Blue Ranger,- DC-Drive,- Hot Drive’n Boost MK3,- AC-Tone

Compressor-Limiter,- PlexiTone,- Single PlexiTone,- AC-Tone,- Two Faze,- TOD

Rock Bug

Compressor-Limiter,- TOD,- PlexiTone,- AC-Tone,- Rock Bug,- Single PlexiTone,- Single AC-Tone,- Quattro,- Octa-Switch,- Customshop 50 Combo.

EchoTone,- Classic Optical Envelope,- Hot Drive’n Boost MK3


Compressor- Limiter,- Hot Drive’n Boost,- Single PlexiTone,- Single AC-Tone,- Chorus XII,- EchoTone,- TOD,- Quattro

Compressor-Limiter,- BassDrive,- BassChorus,- Classic Optical Comp

Combinator 2,- Hydra Boost,- Classic Optical Comp

Quattro,- Chorus XII,- Dual Injection

Single PlexiTone,- TOD

Compressor-Limiter,- PlexiTone


3 Band Parametric Pre-Amp




Compressor-Limiter,- Delayla XL,- BassChorus,- Noise Terminator.

Single PlexiTone,- Single AC-Tone

Red Repeat

Compressor-Limiter,- Hot Drive´n Boost,- EchoTone,- PlexiTone,- AC-Tone.

Classic Flange,- Echotone,- Headroom,- The Fuzz ,- Classic Optical envelope,- Red repeat.


Red Repeat,- AC-Tone,- ProPower

Single PlexiTone,- DeLayla,- EchoTone,- Surf Trem,- Classic Optical Envelope,- ProPower,- Roadie Bandmate 15.

Octa-Switch,- PlexiTone,- Classic Chorus,- Compressor-Limiter,- HeadRoom

PlexiTone,- Paraloop

Quattro,- OctaSwitch,- Compressor/Limiter,- PlexiTone,- The Fuzz,-  EchoTone,- 2 Wah,- Rock Bug,- Chorus XII

Octa-Switch MKII,- Single Channel PlexiTone.

DeLayla,- Compressor/Limiter,- PlexiTone



Red Repeat


PlexiTone,- Compressor/Limiter,- Quattro

Octa-Switch MKII,- PlexiTone Single,- AC-Tone Single

Chorus XII,- ProPower V2,- Classic Chorus,- Red Repeat,- 2Wah.

Compressor-Limiter,- Tuner,- BassDrive, – ProPower.

Octa-Switch Mk3

Octa-Switch Mk3

Octa-Switch MK3,- PlexiTone Single,- PlexiTone Lo-gain.

Bass 200 Head.- 4×12″ Basscab.

PlexiTone,- Single PlexiTone,- Surf Trem,- ProPower

DC-Drive,- Compressor/Limiter,- Red Repeat 2016 Edition,- Chorus XII,- PlexiTone,- 2Wah,- Rock Bug.

Octa-Switch,- PlexiTone

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