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In 2017 we will every month run a free give away contest on a pedal we think could need a little love and attention.
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Buy the Roadie Bandmate 15 direct from Carl, you get value for money here, the Bandmate 15 cost $1200,00 USD incl. free shipping worldwide.

Carl don’t accept credit card, but you can use either PayPal or Wiretransfer, mail Carl at for your purchase.

New Pedal From Carl

Help us spread the word, go to Carls FB share the post about the release of this new pedal from Carl, and you are in the free give away contest of a sample of this new Red Repeat 2016 Edition.

More info about Carls new Red Repeat 2016 Edition follow this link.

Friends please check out this new video by Carls new found friend Pelle Holmberg from Sweden using the PlexiTone Single and PlexiTone Lo-gain.

Nice video, well made and some great playing by Pelle.

Please Enjoy.

Friends it’s here, it’s official, the video from the man himself, check out Andy Timmons demo of his Signature Dual Comp/Limiter from Carl Martin, see Andy brilliant play, hear him talk about why and how.

Please enjoy.

With the huge success of the modern digital modelling units on the market, the Carl Martin Rock Bug offers an analog alternative. Alberto Barrero made us a video using the Rock Bug and a Quattro to illustrate the scope of sound.

Check out this very fine well produced video by Alberto Barrero with the Hot Drive’n Boost MK3.

The Carl Martin Lo Gain Plexitone! I had a hand in shaping the tone of the 2012 Plexitone- this one is similar but lower gain for those that don’t need super hot rod tones, but want classic plexi-style overdrive/distortion