Krister Selander.


Carl is so much more than pedals, like the HandMade 200W bass monster.

Krister Selander of The Black Marbles is now a proud artist of Carl Martin bass amps and cabinets. Let the rumble begin!

Now that I’m an artist for Carl Martin, its time I’l show a picture of this monster of 200w pure tubes, and the looks to kill:)

It’s a fine match with 51 Fender.

Buy Direct


Buy the Roadie Bandmate 15 direct from Carl, you get value for money here, the Bandmate 15 cost $1200,00 USD incl. free shipping worldwide.

Carl don’t accept credit card, but you can use either PayPal or Wiretransfer, mail Carl at for your purchase.

This is what they say about the Roadie Bandmate 15
Simon Gotthelf
The best sounding new combo amp I have heard in years.

Jim Krueger
Just received the first one of these in N America, and I can’t tell you how great this amp sounds…absolutely fantastic! Also has possibly the best combo reverb I have heard yet.

Jens Varmlose
The Roadie Bandmate is a very nice amp! I’m allready very happy with it, bringing it on almost every gig since I got it. Extremly bright and “airy” sounding, breaks the tone smooth and nice.

Henry Lach
I’m extremely happy with my new Roadie Bandmate 15. The tone is amazing, If anyone is concerned about 15 watts not being loud enough, don’t be. This amp is plenty loud! Two big thumbs for Roadie Bandmate 15.

PG Award to Octa MK3


Carl get a PG Award for the Octaswitch MK3 in Premier Guitar’s Feb issue for the mechanical simplicity of the Octa-Switch MK3, great value, incredibly easy to use. See the complete review on Premier Guitar here.

The one and only truly amazing Johnny Hiland have falling totally in love with the Carl Martin Single PlexiTone.

“The Plexitone kicks total butt!!!! Down the line pal, I need to get another for my main road rig as well! Thanks to Carl Martin, I won’t ever need a real Marshall!!! Thanks for designing such a killer pedal!!”

Very cool detailed well-performed demo of the PlexiTone Lo-gain, by Robert Baker.

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The Carl Martin Lo Gain Plexitone! I had a hand in shaping the tone of the 2012 Plexitone- this one is similar but lower gain for those that don’t need super hot rod tones, but want classic plexi-style overdrive/distortion