Andy Timmons Signature.


Andy Timmons, long time user of the Carl Martin Compressor/Limiter, suggested to Carl that he design a new user friendly Compressor/Limiter that would have two presets. One preset could be used for hard compression and sustain for lead work while the other could be for more subtle rhythm parts. This would also eliminate the need for to two separate compressors and save space on his pedal board. With Andy’s help and support this innovative pedal is now available. Please visit our site for more information on this and our whole line of professional pedals and accessories.

New Product Release


We all know that sometimes, less is more, so here we present the new Carl Martin Plexitone Lo Gain pedal.

Whether you want to push your amp’s natural overdrive into the sweet spot, or give a little extra colour to your tone which is definitely the British Black and Gold, the new Carl Martin Plexitone Low Gain Pedal hits the mark.

The Carl Martin Plexitone Low Gain will make single coils sing, and give humbuckers extra punch . Stack it with your other pedals to give you extra boost and smooth out your overdrive, the Carl Martin Plexitone Lo Gain gives your sound that Plexi character.

New review


Friends, please do me a favor and check out Phil O’Keefe’s detailed review of the Carl Martin Octa-Switch MK3 at.

The first video of the upcoming Carl Martin PlexiTone Lo-gain is from the great James Mulvaney.

With James own words: I think you’ve a real winner on your hands here for what its worth.

Very impressed!

Friends please check out this superb video by Mr. Harry Maes of the Andy Timmons signature dual Compressor Limiter Pedal.

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Friends check this out, a very well made and detailed video by Simon Gotthelf of the Carl Martin PlexiTone Lo gain.