Lick Box now shipping.


Hi Friends we’re shipping the new Greg Howe Signature Lick Box, we talked Greg into sign 200 go cards, which we put in the boxes in a random order here in the first production run, so you might be lucky to get a card with Greg’s autograph when you purchase your new Lick Box.

Please note it’s not in all boxes there is a card.

Buy Direct


Buy the Roadie Bandmate 15 direct from Carl, you get value for money here, the Bandmate 15 cost $1200,00 USD incl. free shipping worldwide.

Carl don’t accept credit card, but you can use either PayPal or Wiretransfer, mail Carl at for your purchase.

PG Award to Octa MK3


Carl get a PG Award for the Octaswitch MK3 in Premier Guitar’s Feb issue for the mechanical simplicity of the Octa-Switch MK3, great value, incredibly easy to use. See the complete review on Premier Guitar here.

Friends it’s here, it’s official, the video from the man himself, check out Andy Timmons demo of his Signature Dual Comp/Limiter from Carl Martin, see Andy brilliant play, hear him talk about why and how.

Please enjoy.

Holy smoke, the full monty from James Mulvaney, friend’s check out the final demo of the Greg Howe Lick Box from Mr. Mulvaney.
With James own words:
Wow is all I can say, I cant even begin to do the sheer variety of sounds available in this box justice but I just pressed record and this is what came out!
Hopefully some of you lads and lassies will find it helping, but for what its worth just buy one!

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The Carl Martin Lo Gain Plexitone! I had a hand in shaping the tone of the 2012 Plexitone- this one is similar but lower gain for those that don’t need super hot rod tones, but want classic plexi-style overdrive/distortion