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On tour with Rex Brown

Rex Brown of Pantera & Down is going on tour to present his new solo release ‘Smoke On This’. On the album and the tour, Rex himself is the axeman. A long time user of Carl Martin effects, Rex recorded the album on the Carl Martin Roadie Bandmate 15. On tour though, Rex needed more juice and so went for the Carl Martin Custom Shop 50 and a Custom Shop 2×12” cab.
As Rex states “I love this amp!! it’s fuckin Nuts”
Check out tour date on

NAMM 2018.

Carl would like to invite you to come by our booth at the upcoming NAMM show in LA, come check out the new products Carl lined up for 2018, or simply come by for a gear chat.

Greg Howe stopped by the factory while on tour, this video came out of the visit.

Friends it’s here, it’s official, the video from the man himself, check out Andy Timmons demo of his Signature Dual Comp/Limiter from Carl Martin, see Andy brilliant play, hear him talk about why and how.

Please enjoy.

Friends please check out this new video by Simon Gotthelf a good friend of Carls, Simon here demos the new Red Repeat with Tap Tempo and modulation.

Nice video, well made hope you dig it.

Please Enjoy.

Please do yourself a favour and check out this demo of the Carl martin AC-Tone from Johnny Hiland.
Mr. Hiland get it all right here, he really understand what this highly underestimated little pedal is all about.

The Carl Martin Lo Gain Plexitone! I had a hand in shaping the tone of the 2012 Plexitone- this one is similar but lower gain for those that don’t need super hot rod tones, but want classic plexi-style overdrive/distortion