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What Vintage series would be complete without an ultra-versatile and simple to use drive pedal?  Funny, that’s what Carl said just before he introduced the DC-Drive.  Just like Carl, this pedal has a few tricks up its sleeve.  Besides the typical Level, Tone and Drive knobs which obviously control the volume of the signal, the tone (hmmm, which knob?) and the amount of overdrive, Carl has smartly added a clean boost after the drive section, and a Regular/Fat switch….not so typical.  In Regular mode, the drive is crisp and clear, suitable for anything that calls for old-school drive….switch over to Fat and the drive gets thicker with a lot more gain, much more modern. Anyone who knows the Carl Martin line is familiar with his Clean Boost….a bump-up in signal volume that can be used either with your clean or overdriven sounds.  The result is a multi-use pedal that allows you to have a variety of rhythm and solo volumes at your feet. Like the rest of the Vintage line, the DC-drive comes in that cool retro diecast housing with the equally cool chicken-head knobs and CM graphics.  The pedal can be powered by 9v battery but we recommend a regulated power supply like the Carl Martin ProPower

This is what they say

TUNES Magazine (Norway) May. 2009.
The Carl Martin DC-Drive is four stompboxes into one stompbox: – crystal Clean sound from your amplifier (the stompbox doesn`t add an extra colour/a factory sound to the original signal), Clean sound plus Boost, Drive and Drive plus Boost.
Carl Martin DC-Drive IS THE BEST overdrive I`ve ever played, and when I count all the stompboxes I`ve owned since 1977, it`s also THE BEST IN HISTORY! Even if you`re a guitarist who doesn`t necessarily need a lot of overdrive to your tone, but just a really good boost (0-15db extra output) that doesn`t alter the original sound from your guitar, Carl Martin DC Drive is still the answer.

From Harmony Central
This little device simply kicks **s! Compared to the Carl Martin Plexitone, the DC-Drive sounds like the first channel of the Plexitone, with a little more bite and a little more compression. It’s kind of rougher, thou it has not as much gain. With the manual switch in the position “Reg” it sounds a bit like a full tilt 100 Watt Non Master Marshall, very amp-like; and it reacts very well to the guitar volume. The Switch in “Fat” position adds more lows and low mids and a bit extra gain. Both positions are very usefull, I am simply not able to dial in a really bad sound… 😉
Very british sounding device, no modern NuMetal Rectumfire in here. Good old (Hard) Rock sound.
And – BONUS – a clean boost up to 12db, either for the bypass or the effekt sound. Great for solos.
I don’t know if it’s true bypass, but that doesn’t matter to me, as I have it on all the time; I clean up my tone with the guitar volume.

Artists using the DC Drive

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