This is Carl’s newest baby…. a 1 x 12, 15 watt Class A combo that will shake the very stage you set up on. The simplified controls include Volume, Bass and Treble with a Bright switch thrown in for ultimate control of your tone. One of the very special features on Carl’s new amp is the Reverb…. it has been wired in a way that allows the guitar player to use Reverb with his sound just like any other amp; adjusting it with the Reverb Volume and Reverb Tone, or as a stand alone Reverb unit….just like those famous Reverb boxes from years back.   The amp takes advantage of Accutronic’s larger reverb tank and Celestion’s Vintage 30 speaker, plus matched El 84 power tubes to produce your favourite Vintage tone! From an articulate clean to a thick, crunchy over-driven tone when cranked up, The Bandmate 15 Combo is an affordable and compact answer for rehearsals and small venue gigs. Carl has also included a Remote Switch input for switching the reverb on and off, plus alternate outputs for adding speaker cabs.

This is what they say

Rex Brown
When I record in the studio or live, I always have my trusted Roadie15!! It is THE utility amp for clean sounds, pedals, & the reverb tank is Unparalleled!! Carl Martin has once again, reinvented itself!!

Simon Gotthelf
“The best sounding new combo amp I have heard in years.
Extremely dynamic and with the sweetest top end.
A new studio favorite for me…
Thumps up, Carl Martin”

Jim Krueger
Just received the first one of these in N America, and I can’t tell you how great this amp sounds…absolutely fantastic! Also has possibly the best combo reverb I have heard yet…very similar to my old Premier Reverb…dark and delicious! I know, I know…how can a reverb be delicious right? Well if you tried this amp…you would understand…

Jens Varmlose
The Roadie Bandmate is a very nice amp! I’m allready very happy with it, bringing it on almost every gig since I got it. Extremly bright and “airy” sounding, breaks the tone smooth and nice. The most used setting for me is the volume knob turned all the way up! It fills the room like no other amp I’ve heard. A simple combo with few knobs and original pure tube sound… Only thing I don’t like is the reverb volume does’nt follow the main volume knob, so you would have to touch two knobs each time you would adjust your volume. Well anyway, I can live with that… Thumbs up to Carl Martin!!

Henry Lach
I’m extremely happy with my new Roadie Bandmate 15. The tone is amazing (which I’ll get to in a second), but first I have to point out how much I love the amp’s simplicity. I’ve gone from 12 knobs on my previous amp to just 5 on the Roadie, and at HALF the weight! Don’t underestimate how important weight is when you’re hauling it up from the basement every week. The build quality is top notch (just like all the Carl Martin products that East Sound Research sells.) Okay, back to the amp’s tone. It rocks. I mean, blow my mind rocks. I’m a pedal guy, so I rarely ever use the second channel on amps. My go-to pedals include a Fulltone GT500 (which has both overdrive and distortion), a Carl Martin Plexitone, and a Fulltone OCD. They all sound stellar with the Roadie. The amp seems to have been built for pedals because it’s the quietest (hum that is) amp I’ve ever had with my daunting combination of pedals and the single coil pickups in my Strat. Running the GT500’s distortion through the Roadie provides a chunky breakup ala ZZ Top (something I’ve never really been able to achieve before). For a tighter more modern grind I use the Plexitone. But what really blows me away is how much wider the tonal palate is with the 5 pickup combinations on my Strat. Those 5 options are now way more distinctive than I’m used to. I’m not sure what the amp gods at East Sound Research are doing that’s yielding such a killer tonal landscape but it’s truly a breath of fresh air.

The Roadie’s single volume control (no separate gain knob) just works. The amp is fairly clean until you get the volume up around ¾, then you get a nice crunch that builds as you continue to crank the volume. At  full volume I get a great tube overdrive sound that perfectly augments what my other pedals are doing. When I ordered the amp I was worried I’d miss the gain knob. But as soon as I started playing the Roadie, I realized I’d never miss it because my natural tendency is to raise the gain as I increase volume anyway, which is exactly what the amp does with its one volume knob! Simply brilliant.  If anyone is concerned about 15 watts not being loud enough, don’t be. This amp is plenty loud! Remember, it takes 10 times the power to double the volume, so my previous 50 watt amp is really only 25% louder than the 15 watt Roadie Bandmate. I’m sure the iconic Celestion Vintage 30 speaker it’s loaded with is part of what gives the Roadie its fantastic tone and great volume. In my studio, turning the volume up halfway is plenty loud for rehearsing and jamming to tunes. Turning the volume all the way up is louder than I can handle and would suffice for most small to mid-sized clubs. If any more volume is needed it’ll come from the sound person working the board.

Two big thumbs for Roadie Bandmate 15.

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