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Carl has decided to change the sales strategy on his Hand-made
Custom Shop Amplifiers and Cabinets!
It is now possible for you to purchase a Point-to Point, Hand-made Carl Martin Custom Shop 50 amp or head and cabinet, directly from the factory…at prices that are unheard of. Carl initially designed the amp to be used with pedals, but ended up with an amp is not only exceptionally good at that, but is stunningly good on its own as well. Guitar Buyer (UK) reviewed the Custom Shop 50 as ‘a powerful, sympathetic amp, delivering both high volume and a liquid tone. This is simply an extremely well-made and great-sounding amplifier, that can cover a wealth of styles with ease. It’s expensive, but in this case the sound and performance justifies the price!’

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Artist Highlight

Fans of Progressive/Tech Metal will know that the hugely influential UK band SikTh (official) have recently reformed and touring to packed houses! We’ve been delighted to help refine their tones for the chaos! Looking forward to working more with these guys!

Free Product Give Away

Carl is in a good mood, so now you get a chance to win a free Dual Injection, you simply just join our VIP group to participate, if you are already member no need to join again. And hey be a sport and help us spread the word, go to FB share the post that guide you to the contest.

Please check this out, a new fabulous demo by Simon Gotthelf of the coming new release from Carl, the Dual Injection. It very detailed shows what the Dual Injection is all about.

What Vintage series would be complete without an ultra-versatile and simple to use drive pedal? Funny, that’s what Carl said just before he introduced the DC-Drive.
Check out the new demo video by Robert Baker

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Check out this faboulous demo of the new Purple Moon from Robert Baker, this is such a fun pedal to use. It really inspired unique and creative ideas.