New small Octa-Switch MK3


The new Carl Marin Octa-Switch MK3 is now on stock and shipping.
The Octa MK3 is with the exact same features as the Octa MKII but in a smaller board friendly footprint.
No Midi, – No scroll though menus, – No multi function knobs, in short just plug and play.
BUT, the markeds most simple and best sounding loop switcher, 100% real true bypass with Gold relays, – 8 loops, – 8 presets, – 2 external switches, – bypass switch, – high quality selectable buffer.

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Bandmate 15 Combo USD 1200,00

This is Carl’s newest baby…. a 1 x 12, 15 watt Class A combo that will shake the very stage you set up on. The simplified controls include Volume, Bass and Treble with a Bright switch thrown in for ultimate control of your tone. One of the very special features on Carl’s new amp is the Reverb…. it has been wired in a way that allows the guitar player to use Reverb with his sound just like any other amp; adjusting it with the Reverb Volume and Reverb Tone, or as a stand alone Reverb unit….just like those famous Reverb boxes from years back.   The amp takes advantage of Accutronic’s larger reverb tank and Celestion’s Vintage 30 speaker, plus matched El 84 power tubes to produce your favourite Vintage tone! From an articulate clean to a thick, crunchy over-driven tone when cranked up, The Bandmate 15 Combo is an affordable and compact answer for rehearsals and small venue gigs. Carl has also included a Remote Switch input for switching the reverb on and off, plus alternate outputs for adding speaker cabs.

Buy Direct From Factory


Where to buy? We now give you the opportunity to purchase Carl Martin HandMade, Point To Point Custom Shop Amp and Cabinets direct from factory, So how does it work, well you check out our options of Tolex and Grill’s, decide which combination your Carl Martin Custom Shop shall have, mail us at
How long does it take:
There are 2-3 Month delivery time.
What do they cost:
Carl Martin Custom Shop 50 Combo:
EUR 2400,00
Carl Martin Custom Shop 50 Head:
EUR 1700,00
Carl Martin Custom Shop 2×12″ Cab:
EUR 790,00
Carl Martin Custom Shop 4×12″ Cab:
EUR 1100,00
Carl Martin Custom Shop 200 Bass Head:
EUR 1780,00
Carl Martin Custom Shop 4×10″ Bass Cab:
EUR 1100,00

Friends Simon Gotthelf has now uploaded his second demo of the Roadie Bandmate 15 combo, now with drive pedal’s from Carl, the PlexiTone single, HDB MK3 and Purple Moon. Again we’re talking about a very competent demo from Simon, hope you dig it.
And friends remember Roadie Bandmate 15, direct from us USD 1200,00 incl. shipping.; Mail us at

Brett Kingman known for his stunning demo videos has recently acquired a Carl Martin Custom Shop 50 combo for his video production, the amp is now delivered in good condition to Brett in Australia, Brett is thrilled he right went on to do a video for you guys with his new amp.
Friends please check this very fine demo of the Carl Martin Custom Shop 50 by Brett Kingman.
And remember it’s available direct from factory to prices unheard of for an amp in this quality; mail us at

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Please check this out, Henning Pauli change his Octa-Switch MKII with the new Octa MK3, and got room for two more pedals on the board.