Musik Messe Frankfurt

Again this year Carl participate the annual Messe Frankfurt April 15-18.
We would be more than thrilled to see you at our both, show you the new upcoming products from Carl, talk about the old pedals, or just gear talk in general.
But friends not the least we’re looking forward to present our new brand Roadie Amplification, a sub-brand under Carl Martin opening with the fantastic little 15W combo “Bandmate 15”, Carl call it “Working Mans Boutique” and to very affordable prices.

Messe News

Bandmate 15 Combo

This is Carl’s newest baby…. a 1 x 12, 15 watt Class A combo that will shake the very stage you set up on. The simplified controls include Volume, Bass and Treble with a Bright switch thrown in for ultimate control of your tone. One of the very special features on Carl’s new amp is the Reverb…. it has been wired in a way that allows the guitar player to use Reverb with his sound just like any other amp; adjusting it with the Reverb Volume and Reverb Tone, or as a stand alone Reverb unit….just like those famous Reverb boxes from years back.   The amp takes advantage of Accutronic’s larger reverb tank and Celestion’s Vintage 30 speaker, plus matched El 84 power tubes to produce your favourite Vintage tone! From an articulate clean to a thick, crunchy over-driven tone when cranked up, The Bandmate 15 Combo is an affordable and compact answer for rehearsals and small venue gigs. Carl has also included a Remote Switch input for switching the reverb on and off, plus alternate outputs for adding speaker cabs.

Give Away  Contest.

Now you have fantastic chance to win a free Carl Martin Single Channel AC-Tone, WHAT TO DO: Simple you just go on Carl’s FB site, link and share the post with the Single Channel AC-Tone video by Josh Goosh, and you’re in the contest.

Brett Kingman known for his stunning demo videos has recently acquired a Carl Martin Custom Shop 50 combo for his video production, the amp is now delivered in good condition to Brett in Australia, Brett is thrilled he right went on to do a video for you guys with his new amp.
Friends please check this very fine demo of the Carl Martin Custom Shop 50 by Brett Kingman.
And remember it’s available direct from factory to prices unheard of for an amp in this quality; mail us at

Please check this out, a new fabulous demo by EytchPi42 We’ll take a good look at Carl Martin’s OCTASWITCH and see what is so special about this looper. It looks pretty simple and without many features, but the possibilities will surprise you !

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Friends do you self a huge favor and check out this masterpiece from our friend Alberto Barrero playing the TOD.