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The Carl Martin Noise Terminator is a 9V-battery-powered pedal designed to preserve the original tonal characteristics while removing unwanted noise that occurs when multiple effects are used.
The Carl Martin Noise Terminator surpasses the performance of conventional noise gates by allowing the player to switch between two threshold settings: Soft – with less noisy equipment: Hard – when more radical settings are required.
The remote jack allows you to connect the Noise Terminator to an external midi switching system, which allows the player to go between the soft and hard settings with ease.
The Carl Martin Noise Terminator features an AC adapter jack.

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GUITAR WORLD (USA) Crunch Drive – Rock Drive – Heavy Drive & Noise Terminator
The problem with many distortion pedals is their attitude. Most expect to be used as the main source of your gain-enhanced tone and show little respect for the characteristics of your amp. These Carl Martin pedals don’t assume you want to transform your beloved, saggy AC30 into a spandex-ripping Triple Rectifier. Instead, they simply give you another slice of what you already like.
The Noise Terminator worked extremely well, and without altering the original tone characteristic of your setup.
If a good band has a lot of loud amps, they probably have a ton of weird overtones. Hissing, buzzing, and humming are most likely running the show at any given time while the amps are off. It’s just the nature of loud amps. There is a way to control all of that noisiness. Carl Martin provides an easy to use pedal that can sit on or beside any board easily.
The Carl Martin Noise Terminator Pedal for Guitar will remove all that extra nonsensical obnoxiousness from you amps and only put forth the choice tones. Amazingly, the technology allows it to differentiate between the tone you want and the tone you don’t want. It isn’t magic. It’s just a little bit of frequency mathematics. The results are stunning.
You can have intenstly effective dynamics if your loud parts are crushingly heavy and your quiet parts are absolutely silence. While playing, your rig can send audiences flying at 100 miles per hour. When you stop, they’ll smack a brick wall because the pauses sound so spot-on.
This pedal will relieve you of that buzzing annoyance coming from your amps. It will also inspire you and your band to sound extremely tight. Look for this pedal in a music store today! Kiss that hiss goodbye, once and for all.

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