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The Carl Martin Heavy Drive is a 9V-battery-powered pedal designed to emulate the sound of a high gain tube amp used by heavy rock musicians. It offers loads of gain, but responds to the guitarist’s touch without altering the basic tone of the guitar.
The Attack (mid) and Edge (treble) controls give access to a variety of flavours within this type of distortion style, without compromising sonic quality.
The Carl Martin Heavy Drive has enough gain on tap to lead you to Rectifier tone territory without low-string mush or raspy highs.
The Carl Martin Heavy Drive is true bypass and features an AC adapter jack.

This is what they say

Heavy Drive & Noise Terminator
The problem with many distortion pedals is their attitude. Most expect to be used as the main source of your gain-enhanced tone and show little respect for the characteristics of your amp. These Carl Martin pedals don’t assume you want to transform your beloved, saggy AC30 into a spandex-ripping Triple Rectifier. Instead, they simply give you another slice of what you already like.

There’s hardly anything to complain about with these pedals. The Danish designer these are created by Holm Malmquist – certainly knows a thing or two about tone and how to cram it into a little black boxes, so anyone looking to augment or upgrade their pedalboard would do well to take a look.

From Harmony Central
I’ve been playing for about 10 years. I play a lot of different music. (Rock,blues,metal,indie,jazz,hc).
I bought this pedal because I wanted a flexible distortion where I could hear all the notes in a chord even on high gain. I wasn’t pleased with my Boss Powerdrive. I tried quite a few pedals and this one was outstanding for it’s dynamics and variation in sound. Not many other pedals I tried has this clearness on high gain. And now it’s my main distortion pedal with my Les Paul. It’s perfect for indie rock on high gain. You can play chords and melodies and make everything come across but still get quite a heavy sound. But the clearness makes it sound good for most music styles. I would definitely find a new one if it was stolen.
Sound Quality: I mainly use 2 electrics, a mid 90’s Gibson les paul special and a UK made Hohner Strat with active EMG single coils. My amp is a Peavy Studio, but I also tried with quite a few other amps.
I agree with other people, It’s very sensitive for what you play. And I love that you can hear all notes in a chord even on the highest gain. The pedal works well with almost any amp. It sounds really amazing with the Les Paul and it’s really versatile. I get a great bluesy overdrive-sound on the lowest gain, and quite a heavy rock sound on the highest gain, and anything in between. Always with the same dynamics. It’s not the choice for a metal guitarist, but it handles metal quite well anyway.
With the strat, I can go from almost clean sound up to an ACDC-like sound. It still has the same kind of dynamics, but sounds thinnerand sometimes I get the feeling that something is missing. If i’m only using this pedal with the strat, i wouldn’t say it covers my needs, even if the sound is still good.

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