As guitar players, we all have that moment where we think, ‘How can I do this and still remain analogue?’ Once we have achieved the ‘ultimate tone, how can we boost that same tone without changing the quality? What if we want to boost the signal before your drive effect in order to increase sustain, or have a boost in front of your gain channel and another after the pre-amp in the effects loop? Well, Carl thought about this for quite a while and is now happy to introduce the super cool….’Dual Injenction’! Carl took the high quality, transparent boost from the Hot Drive’n Boost, and put two of them into one pedal. Each has it’s own level control and ‘True Bypass’ switch, plus there is another toggle which switches the Dual Injection between Serial and Parallel modes. In Serial mode, you use the Input/Output 1 on the back of the pedal and place the boost wherever you want in the signal chain. In Parallel mode, connect the Output 1 before your Drive or Preamp, and then use the Input/Output 2 on the side of the pedal to connect to your effects loop on the amp.

So, what does all this do for you? Well, the Dual Injenction gives you 4 different Boost settings…

1) Your normal set up either clean or with effects

2) Boost 1 engaged to a desired setting

3) Boost 2 engaged to a different setting than Boost 1

4) Both Boost 1 and Boost 2 engaged at the same time!

The Dual Injection is a high quality effect that can be powered by 9v battery or with the correct power transformer (we always recommend that you use a regulated power supply like the Carl Martin Pro Power). The effect is housed in our diecast case with custom paint, True Bypass Switching, large easy to use knobs and bright LED indicators for Boost 1 or 2.

This is what they say

Harmony Central Nov. 2014
Boosts are the kind of pedals that are extremely useful, but they’re usually not overly complex or sexy so they don’t often generate a ton of excitement among guitarists on the various online forums. While there are other solid boost pedals on the market, and even some other dual boosts, the Carl Martin Dual Injection really does bring something new to the party with its innovative series / parallel operation and useful dual I/O configuration. It gives this pedal uncommon versatility and the ability to do more than any single boost pedal I am aware of. Having two independent boost levels in one pedal is useful, but being able to split the boosts and run them in parallel at different points in your effects chain (or with one boost at the front of your effects and the other wired into your amp’s effects loop) gives the Dual Injection even more utility and flexibility. Plus it sounds good too, and there’s a decent amount of boost available, and a huge amount when using them both simultaneously. All of this makes the Carl Martin Dual Injection an excellent choice for your boost pedal needs.
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