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Get your own custom made Point-to-Point Hand-Made Custom Shop Bass 200 direct from factory EUR 1780,00

Mail for more details.

Boutique Bass amplifier designed to get the best performance in a wide range of sounds: Tight and fast low end, improved midrange and sweet & clean high end. Tone guaranteed!

The Carl Martin Custom Shop 200 features:
Circuit: Point-to-point hand wired using top quality components. Classic design. 100% tubes.
Potentiometers: ALPHA 24mm
Signal Capacitors: TAD Mustard (Mullard style)
Electrolytic Capacitors: TAD Gold Cap Series
Output Transformer: Hammond 1650T (made in Canada)
Choke: USA Made
Power Transformer: Custom Made
Sockets: Ceramic
Output Power: 185W
AC Power: 400 watts
Fuses: AC230/50Hz: slow-blow 4A / 250V
Controls: 15dB attenuator Switch for active basses
Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Master, Presence
Tubes: 1 x TAD E83CC Highgrade (V1)
2 x TAD ECC83-Cz (V2 and V3)
4 x TAD 6550A-STR (V4 to V7)
Chassis: iron 1,5 mm
Cabinet: constructed of pine plywood (sweet brightness) with a birch plywood baffle (improve resonance)
Cosmetics: Premium tolex, black leather handle, aged ivory chicken head knobs, black steel corners, premium logo & faceplate & rearplate.
Misc: Amp Size: 60 cm x 27 cm x 30 cm
Package Size: 69 cm x 32 cm x 37 cm
Amp Weight: 20 Kg

When you order your Custom Shop 200 or Cabinets you can freely make your own combination of a number of different Tolex and Grill Cloth, together with either Black or Cream chickenhead knob’s and White or Gold piping.

Tolex available

Levant Black

Elephant Black

Basket Weave Black


Basket Weave Red



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