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Get your own custom made Point-to-Point Hand-Made Custom Shop 50 Head direct from factory EUR 1700,00

Mail for more details.

Our goal from the very beginning was to build a combo, which could compete with the best on the market, in headroom, response and power. Unlike, other boutique amp’s on the market, the Custom Shop 50 can handle high gain overdrive pedals without breaking up. It has the necessary headroom, dynamic response and feel through the full tonal spectrum, from subtle blues and county to high gain rock and heavy metal

The amp pictured is a Custom Shop 50 Head with 2×12″ Celestion Vintage 30 covered in black tolex with a tan grill cloth,- gold piping,- gold vent grill and cream chickenhead knobs. It can be made with a variety of different tolex, grill cloth, piping and vent grill’s upon request. Our amps will be all tube and hand wired point to point using only the highest quality components.

The Custom Shop 50 Head features:
KT66 tubes, 2×12″ 50W class AB,- 34W class A, Selectable rectifier tube or diode, Bright switch, Gain, Bass, Middle, High, Presence and Master volumes

When you order your Custom Shop 50 Head or Cabinets you can freely make your own combination of a number of different Tolex and Grill Cloth, together with either Black or Cream chickenhead knob’s and White or Gold piping.

Tolex available

Levant Black

Elephant Black

Basket Weave Black


Basket Weave Red



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