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Carl Martin Contour’n Boost is especially designed to boost up, and change the sound (contour) of electric guitar/bass.
The Contour’n Boost circuitry is of phase linear design, using high quality components. This ensures sonic clarity and midrange emphasis which is so important for electric guitar.
The Contour’n Boost is designed as a High Pass (low cut) and Low Pass (high cut) filter, with a fixed X-over frequency at 440Hz. The High Pass filter operates from 65Hz to 440Hz, and the Low Pass filter from 440Hz to 8kHz. Both filters are individually sweepable, with a boost range of up to 12dB. With these two filters it is possible to change the sound (contour) in any way your creativity allows you.
The Carl Martin Contour’n Boost has a built in, regulated (+-12V) power supply which enables us to design circuitry of the highest quality with maximum headroom.
Please note that when using this unit with other effect devices, always place the Contour’n Boost after any distortion units, otherwise the distortion unit will limit what you can achieve with the Contour’n Boost.

This is what they say

From Harmony Central
This is a great box, you can boost middle, or make it a top and bottom booster for that over the top clean sound found on expensive productions.
Works great a toneshaper for drive too, lots of places to go with 4 knobs.
Use it with my two Plexi ri heads and an old 58 Fender Bandmaster combo.
No destroying your sound when the pedal is bypassed either, good buffers.

From Harmony Central
Im using this with a Peavey XXX on the clean channel as it really dont help with the two other dirty channels. The 2 filters seem to really makes a substantial difference with using other effects esp. distortion. It also is great for pushing a tube amp when needed.

From Harmony Central
Makes the worst guitar sound like a two thousand guitar.
That holm malmquist is like the neve of pedals, i swear.
High pass, low pass. crossover point is voiced for guitar and can really produce deep dynamic bass and clear ringing highs from a guitar with flat lifeless tone. Seems totally transparent, untill you turn it off and all the life goes out of your sound. This is one you’ll just want to leave on all the time.

From Harmony Central
This pedal seems to be made for guitars which is nice, because some of Carl Martin pedals seemed suited for other instruments in the studio. This is the best clean boost pedal I have found, as it allows boost of all areas of guitar signal. An interesting aspect to the Contour & Boost is its adaptability to different guitar styles/pickup sounds. I can use this pedal to boost the bottom end of a telecaster or crank the mids of my hollowbody Guild Starfire with P-90 for the perfect growl. The pedal is also a nice way for a guitar to interact with their signal before it enters a tube amp. Overall, the sound quality is superb for a clean sound, and perfect for a boost sound as well.
I would recommend this pedal to anyone in need of a clean boost pedal with some tonal tweakability. This pedal does not replace my MXR Microamp, but it eminently more useful. I find that I am using more often then my Boss/MXR graphic EQ pedals as it allows for a more accurate guitar sound to come through.

Artists using the Contour´n Boost

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