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Carl got a call from an old guitar playing friend who said he didn’t want to use his wah all the time, but wanted to have some of those effects available.  Enter the Classic Optical Envelope….essentially a classic envelope filter (auto-wah utilizing the same opto-technology as the Opto-compressor) for guitar or bass, with a bunch of cool options.  The first footswitch is for fx on/off (buffered), and the second to select between the three modes (High Pass, Band Pass and Low Pass).  Add to this the Level control for overall volume, Drive for how hard the auto-wah will function, Q for adjusting the size of the bandwidth, and Tone which acts as a separate Hi-pass filter, and you have complete control over your fx…from vocal like tones to funky quacks and fat wows!  Housed in the cool new diecast housing with mini-knobs and cool retro colour, the Classic Optical Envelope can be powered by a 9v battery, but we always recommend a regulated power supply for optimum response!

This is what they say

MusicRader (UK) May 2012.
At first glance, newcomers would be forgiven for thinking that the controls on this funky little pedal looks a little bit confusing. The reality is that each of the controls is reassuringly simple, distinct and interactive. All the tones on offer really are very good, with rich low-end snarls and crisp, funky highs covering a lot of different applications.
At £99, you may think you’d be better off with an actual wah pedal. A valid argument, but an optical filter can react more quickly (and accurately) to your playing technique than rocking your foot back and forth; if that appeals to you, then quality becomes important.
Verdict: A unit that deserves some serious consideration.

Premier Guitar (USA) May 2012
Given the low price, solid build, and smooth, versatile sounds, anyone on a budget that’s looking for the distinctive sounds of an envelope filter will want to have a look at this pedal. Ditching the filter select footswitch in favor of an envelope kill switch would make the pedal a double threat. But that omission aside, it’s super intuitive and fun. The Classic Optical Envelope will certainly brings the funk. And while it may not achieve the musicality of a vintage Mutron III, you’ll be thankful to not have to pay the vintage price.

Artists using the Classic Optical Envelope

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