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The Classic Chorus by Carl Martin, is not just another chorus pedal.  Yes it can be powered by either a 9V battery or a regulated 9V power supply; yes it has the solid diecast housing with the cool off-white chicken-head knobs and the cool CM graphics; yes it has that great CM quality bypass switching, and the LED’s to indicate operation; and yes when you plug into this pedal, you will get a chorus effect…..but….there is so much more!  Carl spent a year researching and developing  this pedal for the vintage guitar nut in all of us. Plug into the Classic Chorus, step on the Bypass switch to turn the effect on, adjust the speed and depth knobs to obtain your favorite chorus effect and then bring up the level to show off just how good you sound.  You will be amazed at how this pedal takes you back to the ‘day’ with it’s full, round, vintage chorus sound.  Now hang on to your hat and step on the Vibrato switch.  By adjusting the Rate knob clockwise you change your sound from Chorus to Vibrato with the full Vibrato effect achieved with the Rate and Depth knobs turned completely clockwise. (The Speed Depth and Level knobs are universal for both Chorus and Vibrato.)   You will notice a distinct drop in your highs, but Carl says this is intentional….it will keep your sound warmer and rounder, plus, when you use this effect with Distortion/Overdrives it won’t fizz out or die, you will just get that massive overdriven chorus/vibrato effect that you always dreamed of.

This is what they say

This thing sounds good. Not only because its milkshake-thick modulation sounds as if it could be spooned out of the speakers, but also because a severe volume boost is available if you need it.
The Classic Chorus is no joke. With a ton of rich, high-quality, utterly musical sounds, it may even make a non-chorus dude a believer.

GuitarBuyer (UK) May 2008.
The Classic Chorus is well-designed, well-built and offers some truly authentic analogue chorus sounds, but with the added convenience of a level control and relatively low background noise. If lush, vintage-style chorus is your thing, you’d be hard pushed to find a better contender at this price. In other words, it’s a classic.

Fuzz Magazine (Sweden) November 2011
The chorus is something that many overdosed in the 80s but I have always kept my excitement for the opportunities a good chorus gives. Both for the slow settings for the beautiful chords, and faster pseudo-leslie-spins.
Classic Chorus is a mono effect so if you want stereo, you must look somewhere else. But since most of the different reasons play mono it’s probably a minor issue. The first thing I noticed when I activate the effect is that some highs disappear. According to CM, this is fully intentional for it to work well even with distortion.
I begin with a clean sound and quickly finds a slow and beautiful chorus that warm and honey-smooth flow into the ears. Faster chorus sounds good too but I miss some of the push of “spinning” as some other chorus pedals have. It may be that in my opinion there is a bit too little treble for that type of sound.
A really clever feature is the rate knob. Many chorus pedals let you switch between either chorus and vibrato. Once you have activated the Vibrato switch you can on the Rate knob blend from chorus to vibrato. Here I found a wealth of cool sounds that were very musical. Why CM decided to call the knob rate, I have no idea.

From Harmony Central
The best chorus I have ever played with!!!
So warm, thick, fat, sweet… I don’t have enough words to explain how happy I am with this pedal. I’m a pro player for more than 17 years, I have had tons of gear and many chorus pedals, but this is the best!
Chorus mode is completely transparent, as all Carl Martin pedals are, it doesn’t change your natural sound but gives you a very sparklin and spacious chorus sound.
In the vibrato mode it cuts off a very little of highs, that is a very smart and useful thing because your sound gets warmer and warmer and if you use it with a distortion pedal, it never gets fuzzy or trebly.

Artists using the Classic Chorus

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