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Carl Martin Chorus xII is a dual stereo chorus foot pedal. Designed by Canadian electronics wizard Daniel Van Kranendonk, the unit is the result of five years of careful research and development.
It has two identical but independent sets of speed and depth controls. Each “chorus” has an LED indicator that lights up when in use and also flashes an indication of the speed setting.
The Chorus xII has a stereo output via two quarter inch jacks. The “on” switch allows you to engage or bypass the chorus. The “select” switch allows you to switch between the two chorus settings mid song or mid set without having to get down on your knees alter the controls.
The Carl Martin Chorus xII is the perfect choice for guitar, bass or keyboards. It is unbelievably rich in sound, totally quiet, and most important of all, does not change the basic sound.
The Carl Martin Chorus xII has a built in, regulated (+-12V) power supply which enables us to design circuitry of the highest quality with maximum headroom.

This is what they say

Australian Guitar Magazine (AU)
My biggest gripe with chorus pedals in general is that they all too often sound completely synthetic, with no hint of an organic guitar sound behind the wash of effect. The Chorus XII overcomes this more than any chorus pedal 1’ve ever encountered.
This is a chorus pedal that is worthy of a place between an AC30 and Gibson 335, a complement to great tone and great playing, rather than a mask for the opposite of those things.

This is another example of how Carl Martin is coming up with ingenious ways of improving on basic effect pedals.
Within its range of extremely usable sounds, it works incredibly well.
Do you want to know what impressed me most? Well, it’s just so quiet.

GuitarPlayer (USA)
Make me remember what I used to like about stereo chorus.

You heard me correct. This magic box makes the TC chorus sound sterile. made by the man that designed the TC it is much richer and I find the sound much more useful. I’m so glad I bought this instead. I’ve had a few TC chorus so I know. Also 2 chorus settings in one box and the speed ramps up and down like a leslie nice. It is pricey but you will smile ear to ear every time your using it. In short this is the best chorus I have ever heard.

Its a very clean and clear sound, no extra noise is added and its a full ‘studio quality’ bit of kit. The chorus sound goes from the very subtle, slightly shimmering, doubling sound to a full maxed out underwater gurgle, with everything in between. The fact that its switchable means that if you want two different sounds in your set no need for two pedals or fiddle with settings mid song. One sound for your clean another for your dirty sound – no probs. I have even been running this as an amp splitter with the chorus sound only just on and running the two outputs to two different amps – It sounds great, with no ground loop noise either. Result!

Artists using the Chorus XII

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