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The Carl Martin Boost Kick is a 9V-battery-powered pedal designed to provide up to 12dB of boost to give that extra “kick” required for a great solo.
The level control determines the boost level. The 3 band EQ section is comprised of Punch (bass), Attack (mid) and Edge (treble). *
This allows a virtually unlimited range of solo sounds without compromising sonic quality.
Getting your solos to cut through the cacophony of the band can be a handful. With up to 12dB boost and the 3 band EQ at your feet, hitting the right sound at the right level is a breeze.
The Carl Martin Boost Kick is true bypass and features an AC adapter jack.

This is what they say

There’s hardly anything to complain about with these pedals. The Danish designer these are created by Holm Malmquist – certainly knows a thing or two about tone and how to cram it into a little black boxes, so anyone looking to augment or upgrade their pedalboard would do well to take a look.

Guitar Magazine (UK)
If getting your solos to cut through the cacophony of the band is a bit of a problem, it would be worth checking out this little cracker.with a potential 12dB boost and Carl Martin´s fab EQ, hitting the right sound at the right level is a breeze. In front of a loud overdriven Marshall, the leap is one of the finest – if not very best – I’ve encountered.

The boost kick What is … well it’s just a boost pedal .. hehe
4 settings buttons severe (punch), medium (attack), acute (edges) and noise level to be added (level).
designed like a tank. Super simple … Turning the knob to increase level to noise level that we want to output when “kick” button “booster unit” (required for solos)
It regulates the knobs severe, medium, sharp if you want to change the color of his (otherwise it does everything at noon).
Perfect, nothing more to say. It does nothing but boost the sound
Become unconditional brand …. the sound is good, it’s well designed and well built. No worries

The Carl Martin Boost Kick Effects Pedal for guitar will push the guitar sound over the edge. For simplistic solos, kick this unit on for a fat 12dB increase to ensure that you stand just out front in any mix. If you are playing a part with a big buildup and the fireworks are supposed to be provided by the guitar, just kick this pedal on at the last moment and send the song the kick it needs to come forth effectively. This boost pedal works really well. You can use it all times if you need an EQ booster as well. Another great use for this pedal is to make up for any signal loss you might be experience with other pedals. If you have a lot of pedals, you are probably losing a little bit of signal strength and the Boost Kick will help you restore that.
Dial in the perfect tone with the Punch, Attack, Edge, and Level knobs. You can EQ whatever you want and sharpen the punch of your notes and chords. If you prefer to put a slight damper on the way your attack pushes in, you can adjust accordingly.
This little unit has a ton of uses and is extremely dynamic. For just $162, you can have an EQ, a signal replacer, and a solo booster. Get a kick and a boost from Carl Martin!

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