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AC-Tone is the next overdrive in the British voiced vein, as the PlexiTone it is a three in one pedal.
The AC-Tone offers two channels of overdrive, voiced alike for preset usage, on top of that it gives you an up to 20dB clean boost channel.
The overdrive is low to medium gained for a sweet and crispy with the mellow midrange that reminds one of the old TopBoost amps from the late 60’s , the two channels are ranging from a mild breakup to a healthy overdriven sound. One channel can be used for that slightly chimey breakup, and the other channel can be set for more overdrive giving more saturated mids and drive, you can freely set them the way that suits your needs.
The AC-Tone has as most Carl Martin pedals a built in regulated (+-12V) power supply, to secure the necessary headroom that gives you the great tone

This is what they say

Many manufacturers claim that their pedals sound like an amp in a box, but only a select few products truly earn this distinction. Carl Martin goes one better with its new AC-Tone, which delivers tonal character and response similar to a classic Vox AC Series amp.
It takes a while to get used to how the three footswitches operate, but once you’ve got it down, it’s easy to pull three or four gorgeous Vox-like tones from the AC-Tone with a few quick foot taps. Don’t devalue your amp with mods: just get an AC-Tone, plug it to the amp’s input, and enjoy a whole new palette of sounds

From Harmony Central
This unit sounds awesome in an instant. I mainly use fender telecaster 52 hotrod and gretsch duo jet filtertron with this pedal. run through a mesa lonestar special 212 el84 tubes. I bought the AC tone to add some voxey sound to the mesa, since I feel the mesa matched really well with my fender startocaster sound.(fendery). With the AC tone, now it can sound british as well.
it’s relatively quiet. satisfyingly emulates “the EDGE” style.
it can go from slight break up to good distortion level. warm and good articulation. I also have Fulldrive 2, Sparkle drive, Diamond J-drive mk 3, varidrive, xotic BB plus, maxon od9, ibanez ts 808, G2d classic, and a procorat deucetone. and the AC tone sound as good or better in comparisson. it has a little more head room, I guessed it came from the inbuilt power supply. 12 volt. compare to 9 volt of some others.

From Harmony Central
I almost never review my gear here, but this is the best sounding overdrive pedal i’ve ever heard. i’m a beatles nut and a fan of 60s rock. i already play through a vox cambridge reverb (tube version) but i wanted to get the sound of a cranked up vox at a lower volume. this pedal is extremely convincing front end overdrive. just sounds like the amp is being pushed harder. not a heavily compressed or thick distortion. more of a natural soft to medium overdrive with that signature vox midrange. my guitars are gibson es 335, fender telesonic, gretsch nashville, danelectro 12 string. i set up one gain for a mild drive (about 9 o’clock) and the other (3 o’clock) for a heavier sound. the boost pedal is immensely helpful for kicking up solos.

From Harmony Central
I have been looking for a dual channel overdrive and boost to go with my single channel Matamp King Street (EL34) amp for some while, and have tried (and bought) many different overdrive pedals with no success until now. I think I may now have found it. I really need an easy way of switching between 3 modes: clean (ie. no effect engaged, just the amp), slightly dirty for blues, and more dirty for rock sounds. Plus have the ability to boost either sound for solos, etc. With previous pedals I always struggled to get the volume balance sorted out – so that there was no discernible (unwanted) volume boost when switching between modes. This is not a problem with the AC-TONE. Also I found that other pedals often changed the sound of my amp too much (particularly when going for heavier distortion). With the AC-Tone this works very well. Although the AC-Tone is supposed to add a strong flavour of the famous Vox sound, it still retains your amp tone underneath – which is what I wanted. It just adds a Vox flavoured overdrive, which you can tweak with the Cut control. All of this adds up to a very usable pedal which also sounds excellent. My amp tone is still maintained – with the pedal engaged it sounds like I’ve just added more tube amp overdrive to my amp – rather than drastically changing the sound. This is illustrated by the fact that if you have the drive on zero then you just get the natural amp sound on its own. This now gives me 3 channels on my amp. If you like Vox flavoured overdrive sounds whilst retaining your existing amp tone then this is the pedal for you. The distortion also nicely cleans up when reducing the volume on the guitar or picking more lightly. This is not a high-gain pedal so anyone interested in metal should look elsewhere. I am a Fender user so have used this with my Fender Tele and Strats. The pedal is very quiet – much quieter than my other overdrive pedal. This could be down to the inbuilt power supply. I have been trying to simplify my rig down to just the AC-Tone, a wah pedal, reverb and a tuner. So the inbuilt power is a definite plus. The boost can add a great deal of boost to your amp and can also give you a great overdriven sound on its own. I tend to use this at around 9 o’clock for a slight boost to my solos.

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