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Guys please check this out, again a stunning video from Alberto Barrero, this time he nails the Purple Moon to perfection.

Check out this fantastic demo performed by James Mulvaney covering different styles with the Purple Moon.

The Purple Moon is now shipping.
Check out this demo performed by Steve Boltz.

Or even better check it out live at a dealer near you.

CM artist and bass ace James LoMenzo talks about his new pedal board with pedals primarily from Carl Martin, on this video especially the Carl Martin Two Faze.

James LoMenzo known for his roles as a former member of White Lion and Megadeth. He is also known for his work in Black Label Society, and act such as  Slash's Snakepit,  David Lee Roth and John Fogerty as touring musician.


Guys please do your self and Carl a big favor, and see this very well made and not the least well performed demo of the Single PlexiTone, by Robert Baker

Here's the latest Gear Video from Jes Selane with amazing guitarist Rick Zahariades (Ricky Z) demonstrating his Carl Martin Effects Pedals TOD and Blue Ranger.

He has particular way of incorporating the Blue Ranger and TOD into his gear setup and talks about it in the video. Ricky also demonstrates recording and playing with the TOD and Blue Ranger at the end of the video.

Read the article here:

Check out this demo of the upcoming Carl Martin effect pedal, Purple Moon vintage fuzz´n vibe pedal performed by Steve Boltz.